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‘The EU countries do not trust the licenses Armenia gave’: Mane Tandilyan on European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s decision


Armenia, Published on: 03 June 2020

“From what I understood, this means that the companies which have received licenses from Armenia will not be allowed to operate because no one trusts those licenses. This is how I understood these restrictions,” Bright Armenia deputy Mane Tandilyan said in an interview with reporters in parliament regarding the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s decision that banned Armenian airlines from carrying out flights to the EU.

“As far as which countries those airlines will fly to, this...

Кабмин решил помочь фермерам с ЕСВ и финансами

Civil Society & Local Authorities, Political Dialogue

Ukraine, Published on: 03 June 2020

Кабинет министров на заседании 3 июня принял два постановления относительно помощи фермерским хозяйствам Украины

Об этом сообщил в своем Facebook представитель правительства в Верховной Раде Василий Мокан, передает "ДС".

"Сегодня правительство приняло два постановления: 1. О внесении изменений в Порядок предоставления семейным фермерским хозяйствам дополнительной финансовой поддержки через механизм доплаты в пользу застрахованных лиц - членов/главы семейного фермерского...

Коронавирус не помеха: ЕС дал Украине важное обещание

Political Dialogue

Ukraine, Published on: 03 June 2020

Евросоюз не откажется от долгосрочных планов сотрудничества с Украиной и другими странами, которые участвуют в программе Восточного партнерства, несмотря на пандемию коронавируса.

Об этом, как сообщает "Радио Свобода",...

У ЄС назвали пріоритети співпраці з країнами "Східного партнерства" після 2020 року, - ЗМІ

Political Dialogue

Ukraine, Published on: 03 June 2020

Документ є у розпорядженні Радіо Свобода.

Там йдеться про довгострокові плани співпраці ЄС із Україною, Молдовою, Грузією, Вірменією, Азербайджаном та Білоруссю.

За словами Борреля, попередні консультації "визначили п’ять довгострокових цілей політики після 2020 року: економіка та зв’язок; підзвітність інституцій; верховенство закону та безпека; зелені та цифрові перетворення; справедливі та інклюзивні суспільства".

Боррель проінформував, що через пов’язані з...

EU Air Safety List now includes all airlines certified in Armenia


Armenia, Published on: 03 June 2020

On 2 June, the European Commission updated the EU Air Safety List, which contains all airlines currently banned or restricted from operating within the EU due to failure to adhere to international safety standards.

Following further assessment of Armenia’s safety oversight capabilities, the list now includes all airlines certified in Armenia. The decision was made after the EU conducted hearings of the Armenian Civil Aviation Committee and six Armenian air carriers.


GRECO urges public authorities to be exemplary and transparent: new report by Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body

Political Dialogue

Armenia, Published on: 03 June 2020

Strasbourg, 03.06.2020 – Governments and public-office holders should act in an exemplary way by respecting anti-corruption measures and transparency standards, said the Council of Europe anti-corruption body GRECO in its annual report, published today.

The report reviews the measures to prevent corruption taken in GRECO’s member states in 2019 in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors, as well as in central governments – including top executive functions – and law...

Belarus, Hungary discuss cooperation in tourism

Information Society

Belarus, Published on: 03 June 2020

Taking part in the video conference was Director of the Tourism Department of the Belarusian Sport and Tourism Ministry Irina Voronovich and Director for International Cooperation of the Tourism Agency Fruzsina Zakarias.

EU budget for recovery: boosting funds for a stronger Europe in the world

Political Dialogue, Civil Society & Local Authorities

Armenia, Published on: 03 June 2020

“The coronavirus crisis has dramatically changed the world as we know it and pre-crisis challenges have not disappeared but become even more complex. We will only be able to address this situation effectively and mitigate its consequences if we work together and cooperate globally, with our partners. This needs to be underpinned by an ambitious external budget, positioning the EU as leading geopolitical actor at the world stage. The Commission’s proposed €118.2 billion for external action...

Украина возьмет кредит на термомодернизацию зданий

Economy and trade

Ukraine, Published on: 03 June 2020

Европейский инвестиционный банк поддержит украинские проекты по термомодернизации. Об этом говорится в сообщении Министерства развития громад и территорий.

Сообщается, что соглашение подписали 2 июня накануне встречи доноров Трастового фонда Восточного партнерства по технической помощи (EPTATF).

Фонд предоставит 150 тыс. евро, чтобы поддержать имплементацию этого соглашения.

Ожидается, что в целом проект по энергоэффективности общественных зданий в Украине будет подкре...

European Union Blacklists Armenia’s Air Carriers Over Safety Concerns


Armenia, Published on: 02 June 2020

The European Commission today announced an updated EU Air Safety List, which for the first time includes Armenia with all its air carriers.

Make no mistake, this is a great step backwards for Armenia’s aviation authorities.

To fly in the airspace of the European Union, airlines of third countries must comply with European standards. To this end, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is conducting a study of the airlines that have applied, and accordingly, their entry into...

Armenia to collaborate with EU to clean Lake Sevan

Environment and climate change

Armenia, Published on: 02 June 2020

EU eyes creating 8 billion military fund

Justice Freedom & Security

Azerbaijan, Published on: 02 June 2020

Brussels bosses are pressing ahead with controversial €8bn plans for a European Union army despite the looming financial crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

But the military ambitions have been hit by budget battles, and two major defense projects have been earmarked for less funding than they were allocated two years ago. Officials see boosting defense capability as crucial to the bloc's ambitions for a greater geopolitical role and have ensured both programs feature in a...

Children and COVID-19: the EU response to “Protect our Children”

Civil Society & Local Authorities, Youth

Armenia, Published on: 02 June 2020

Covid-19 is devastating for all walks of life. Even if children have not been the frontline victims as other age groups, the pandemic, its socio-economic consequences and preventive measures have a serious impact on children and their wellbeing. A strong call to “protect our children”(link is external) from becoming the biggest victims of the pandemic was voiced by the UN Secretary-General through the launch of a policy brief(link is external), outlining the harmful effects of the pandemic...

Пристайко станет новым послом в Британии

Political Dialogue

Ukraine, Published on: 01 June 2020

Вице-премьер по вопросам евроатлантической интеграции Вадим Пристайко будет назначен на должность чрезвычайного и полномочного посла Украины в Великобритании

Об этом в своем Facebook сообщила заместитель главы фракции "Слуга народа" Евгения Кравчук, передает "ДС".

"Вадим Пристайко будет командирован для работы послом Украины в Великобритании. Это с одной стороны потеря для Кабмина, но мы вынуждены на это пойти, учитывая трансформации, которые проходят в Евросоюзе. Украине в...

Lithuania lifting border restrictions for foreign citizens from several European countries

Economy and trade, Mobility and migration

Armenia, Published on: 01 June 2020

EU funds 'Armenian-Georgian Platform for Policy Development' project

Civil Society & Local Authorities, Political Dialogue

Armenia, Published on: 01 June 2020

Azerbaijan joins Opera Europa spring conference

Culture and Media

Azerbaijan, Published on: 01 June 2020

By Laman Ismayilova

Opera Europa spring conference has been successfully held. The conference brought together 193 members of the association.

The conference focused on topics essential to the continued health of opera companies, where sharing and common actions may deliver benefits. 

The chief conductor and music director of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Honored Artist Ayyub Guliyev took part in the virtual meeting. 

During the confer...

The EU and the UN: partners for a purpose

Political Dialogue

Armenia, Published on: 30 May 2020

If there is one thing that 27 EU member states agree on it is that we all believe in rules-based multilateralism. We repeat, almost mantra like, that we want a strong UN as the beating heart of the multilateral system. The Security Council is the world’s highest multilateral authority and it has the last word on matters of peace and security. I was very pleased to address the Security Council on the EU-UN cooperation (see here) and to express the EU’s strong support for the UN’s work, with...